Zinged By My Family: Episode 2, Relationship Skills Feedback

relationship skillsRecently, my wife Chocolate Malt Shake (CMS) gave me some feedback on my relationship skills.  I never saw it coming.

I was explaining to her that I felt comfort in our marriage.  Of course this is a good thing.  So as to not get too serious, I teasingly added,

The Big Milkshake (TBMS): I feel like I’m wasting my potential in this marriage.

CMS: Are you getting too comfortable?

TBMS: I guess so.

CMS: What are the skills you think you’d be learning [in a different setting]?   Negotiating, debating, fighting, complaining?”

TBMS: Yeah, fighting, complaining, and whining.

CMS: Well, you whine a lot.

Ugh.  On the positive side, I guess knowing how to whine means that my relationship skills are deeper than I thought.

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(Photo Courtesy of © Sylwia Nowik | Dreamstime.com)