You’re Kidding, The “Mediocre Golf Association?”

Mediocre Golf

April 11, 2015– Dear Secret Diary, with the Masters golf tournament this weekend, and in light of esteemed contributor Will De Jong‘s wonderful golf story and its various comments…      

My recent discovery of the Mediocre Golf Association seems so timely and so on point.

The MGA’s slogan?: “Face it, you ____.  Join the MGA.”

I love that in many areas, “MGA” stands for Metropolitan Golf Association.

This CNBC article provides a wonderful and hysterical summary of the Association.

My favorite feature of the association is the prize money.  According to the CNBC article, one weekend tournament’s total prize money was $6, with the winner pocketing $1.08 of the booty.  Last year’s top money winner for the whole year earned $8.04 and according to MGA co-founder John Morley “dominated.”

Well Diary, this Association sounds just about my speed, although I guess I better not quit my day job.


(Photo © Diego.cervo | – Golf Club Photo)