You’re Not a Boy…Yet!


My twins, Chloe and Colton pay attention to everything… ever since they could talk if you gave them the ‘wrong’ color plate for dinner, they’d let you know. I really never taught them the difference in boy vs girl colors, but they must have figured it out on their own. Thank goodness for yellow. That one they still consider gender neutral.

Now that they’re vocabulary is more developed, they will verbally let you know when something isn’t ‘as it should be.’ When the blocks are out, Chloe can only play with the red ones while Colton can play with the blue ones. If Chloe tries to grab the blue blocks, he shouts, ‘No! You’re not a boy yet!’ I’ve tried explaining, she never will be a boy, but that’s not the point. At the that moment, she is definitely not a boy and for goodness sake she can not play with blue blocks!!

The same goes for Chloe. I’ve heard on numerous occasions while playing with my old jewelry or her lip stuff, that she says, “Only girls can, Coltie.” She’s implying that only girls can wear necklaces or where lip gloss. The other day I peeked in to see them on my bed with Chloe’s Minnie Mouse lip gloss and Colton was helping her screw all the lids on as a big helper, but obeying her orders to not put it on. Of course he replied, ‘Yeah, I’m not a girl yet.”

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