You CAN Put a Price on Love

filet mignon

April 14, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, everyone is always saying, “You can’t put a price on love.”  Well, Diary, I learned this past week that in fact CAN put a price on love!

Here’s what happened, and you tell me if I’m wrong.  My wife (aka Chocolate Malt Shake or “CMS” for short) had a craving for some lean beef.  On the way home the next day, I found myself walking by this butcher that has a reputation for having very high quality meat.  And indeed, the Filet Mignon looked mighty fine!  So I asked the cost of one steak.  The answer?  $37-$42, or $72/lb.

Diary, I love MasterCard’s Priceless campaign, but “Getting a Filet Mignon for your wife… ‘Priceless?'”  At least at the time, I didn’t really think so.  So I did not buy the filet in question, and CMS was highly supportive of that decision.  And the moment I made this decision, I realized that you can put a price on love, and the price is $72/lb.


(Photo courtesy Robyn Mackenzie |