Do you have a funny storytelling podcast? Send it to SmilesForAll.com and get paid for your work!

SmilesForAll.com is the go-to place for funny true stories, videos, photos, and podcasts. Our content is upbeat, playful, funny, celebratory, and true. To see podcasts that are already on the site, click here.

You can send us something completely new or something that is already out there.  Email a link to your podcast to submissions@smilesforall.com with the subject line reading: “Podcast Submission: [Title of Podcast]”

Content should be family-friendly, positive and upbeat!  In particular, please make sure you can answer Yes to all the following questions:

  1. Would everyone in the story feel good about being involved?
  2. Is the story funny, and does the humor of the story make us feel positive about the world and the playful people in it?
  3. Is the story free of sarcasm, snarkiness, or any poking fun at an unwilling participant?
  4. Is your submission “family friendly”?
  5. Is your submission free of four-letter words and scatological references?

We are only compensating for podcasts that are 3+ minutes. Upon acceptance you will be paid at least $150 depending upon the quality of the work (humor, nature of content, background music and other effects, etc.)  If you have a podcast shorter than 3 minutes that you’d like to share, we’d still love to hear it!

Submit, get paid and spread SMILES!  And who knows, you might hear it on the radio some day.

Do you have a story but don’t know how to record it? Check out our simple step-by-step HERE!

*Note US Citizens: Before we can accept and pay you for any contribution, you will need to fill out a W9 form and a Release Form (see copy here).