The Real Meaning of Halloween


In the chaos of holiday traditions, it’s common to overlook or forget the true reason for celebration. 

But at Smiles For All we are always mindful that holidays are not just about overeating, getting presents, and dressing up. They are about so much more. So, on Halloween, we ask that you remember the real meaning behind this holiday:


I loved growing up in NYC, but never was it better than on Halloween.  You see, trick or treating in NYC apartment buildings gives you access to many (sometimes hundreds!) of apartments with elevators and staircases; making it easy to cover a lot of ground in no time.  And being indoors, weather is a non-issue.  Although when candy is on the line, weather is always a non-issue.

I remember coming home with my 150 giant duffel bags stuffed with candy (remember “it’s about the candy”) knowing full well that there was no way my Mom would let me keep even a fraction of it.  In order to avoid her siege, I had to get to my room before she saw me with my entire haul.

Once I got to my room,  I quickly scattered the loot in enough different places so that I could “disclose against my will” one or two of them, making her feel as though she had successfully executed her search warrant.  But, much to my delight, I would still have enough undiscovered and untouched piles of candy to enjoy for the rest of my life.



Candy photo courtesy of Michael Gray/

Pumpkin Image courtesy of supakitmod/