Who’s Bringin’ the Beano?

DSC00087I have a similar story to the Anacin story posted on this website.  Prior to meeting my husband, Jim, he was invited to a dinner party where everyone was asked to bring something. He was asked to bring the “Beano” and dessert. My husband thought this was odd, but just assumed someone was bringing a dish that might otherwise cause some stomach discomfort.

He showed up to the party and handed the host a dessert, a bottle of wine and the Beano, as requested. The host thanked him, shrugged, and left it at that.

Later that evening, after the meal and some enjoyable chit chat, it was time to clean up. As Jim helped the host clean up in the kitchen, the host thanked him again but had to ask… “Why did you bring Beano?” Jim replied simply, “Because you told me to.” The host’s brow furrowed in confusion, but suddenly it clicked.  “I didn’t ask you to bring the Beano, I asked you to bring the VINO!” (aka wine, which he brought anyway). Everyone had a good laugh over that, and have continued to for the years following…still to this day.

By the way, Jim is being fitted for a hearing aid.


**Deena Newell is a revolutionary story teller/freelance cartoonist who is also the proud parent of her twenty-nine-year-old baby boy.  She spends her time drinking fruit smoothies with her husband Jim, enjoying the weather out in California and rescuing stray animals.