Which Doctor?


Working for an extremely busy family doctor as a medical secretary, I was in charge of running the show. Dr. Sager would not turn a single sick soul away which accounted for a long night at the office. He was a very hardworking physician and almost always worked long hours. The good doctor played as hard as he worked. He vacationed several times a year to recharge. During his absence, I had to make sure that everything was in check, organized all pertinent information needed for when he was away.

We stayed at the office late that Thursday before he was to leave Friday morning for a much needed one week vacation. All important patient issues were addressed. He also reminded me that he was only a phone call away.

I left late that evening and rushed home in hopes of tucking my little girl in before she fell asleep in her grandmother’s arms. I arrived home just in time to read her favorite Dora book and put her to sleep. Sabrina’s bedroom was located on the third floor of the house.

During this quiet time with her, I could hear my 8 year old nephew, Hakim, “whispering” my name quite loudly from the bottom of the first floor landing. I tried to ignore him so as to not awake my daughter, but he persisted with his “whispering” my name over and over again.

Luckily for me, she had a busy day and was fast asleep. I left the bedroom and quickly and ever so quietly went down the stairs to find my brown-eyed nephew holding the phone in his hand. “What is it ?” I asked him a bit annoyed. He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders and handed me the phone. ‘Who’s on the phone?” I asked him. His big, dark eyes looked at mine a bit confused and he said, “Dr. Seuss ?” Dr. Sager had called me one last time to remind me to fax some important documents over to a specialists the next day.

(photo courtesy of Yelena Rodriguez/Dreamstime.com)