Welcome Back Tips for Young Adults Living at Home

tipsNow, more than ever, graduates are moving back home after school. This experience can be very jolting for both parents and their kids.  In this economic climate, recent college graduates don’t have it easy.  After four years of partying, eating junk food “because it’s cheap,” and going to class three days a week, the jig is up. It’s back to world of cleaning your room, going to bed early, and eating your vegetables.

We here at Smiles For All applaud Calleen Letaconnoux, who typed up this “short” list of tips to help her daughter Isabelle adjust to both life at home and adulthood.

          Welcome Back Tips for Young Adults Living at Home

1. Please unpack your bags and find an appropriate place for everything.   If there is not room, maybe you don’t need it. Organization makes for a clear head. Please wash your major laundry projects in the basement; this is not a job for Helena or mom.  

2.  Please make your bed each day in a manner that shows respect for our beautiful home, and that you are now a responsible adult.  This real estate is too nice and expensive to leave sloppy.

3. Hang towels and bath mats up so that they can actually dry.  Mold loves crumpled and wet.  Please check the bottom of your soap and shampoo containers, and the caulking between the shower tiles; if they are dark, they have mold.

4. Please keep your things in your room, not in the common living areas, when not using them.

5. Please don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink.  Wash them, or rinse them – and put them in the dishwasher without food on them. 

6. Please check garbage both in your room and under the kitchen sink, and empty it.  Recyclables out to back garbage area, not kitchen counter. i.e. beer bottles, empty plastic.

7. Please put living room blinds down for the afternoon; sun wrecks paintings and rugs.

8. Please replace food and drinks (like milk cartons, OJ, yogurt, etc.) if you finish them. If it’s something major, at least let me know.  (It is frustrating to return home to no milk or yogurt)

9. Please refill the Britta cold water pitcher after you use it; the carbon filter must remain covered with water in order to work.

10. Please do your own laundry.  Be green and try to do full loads, include ours if you have room.  The detergent is concentrated.  Read the instructions and use only as much as you need.  Too much detergent is bad for your clothes, bad for the washing machine, and for the environment.

11. Please turn off all lights, fans and air conditioners, Nespresso if you’re the last to leave the apartment, and turn out lights when you leave a room. (Reduce your carbon footprint).      

12.  If you’re going to be out after midnight, or if you’re planning to sleep over at someone else’s house, please text Mom’s cell phone (preferably b/f midnight) to let us know that you are fine.  If we leave a hall light on for you, please turn it off before you go to bed.  

13.  We’re so glad you’re here!

Okay, okay, so not so short after all.  But a little tough love can go a long way.  By all accounts, Isabelle has mastered tips 1 thru 12.  It’s number 13 she’s still having some trouble grasping.


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