Watching Television With Your Cat


Watching your favorite television show with a kitty or kitties by your side can be a fascinating experience, not to mention a variety show all by itself. The problem in my house is the large sofa upon which television viewers with both two and four legs sit. There is room for everything, feet, food, cats and the remote, which becomes a unique pawn in this annoying game of cat, mouse, and television.

Cats don’t like murder mysteries but will tolerate some comedy shows, especially if a dog is getting his comeuppances. My cat likes Animal Planet, especially Bad Dog of the Week and My Cat From Hell, which I worry about because it could give him ideas. He usually watches intently for some time before the urge to turn around and ignore all humans present takes over and he falls asleep.

I usually leave the remote on top of the large coffee table in front of the television set. It is never an object of any interest to the cat until the precise moment I sit down and put on the television. Although my cat is sometimes content to just sit quietly by my side, that lasts about as long as a commercial. For some reason known only to he who shall remain anonymous, walking over the remote, sitting on it, butting heads with it and shoving it off the table all become important aspects of the “kitty watching television experience.”
Although outdated, there is a VHS video out there for cats and kittens that all my cats down through time have been fascinated with. I no longer have it; it is strangely missing from my collection but I do have my suspicions. It includes sounds and pictures cats are attracted to and includes episodes of days in the park, bird watching, cats playing, etc. While I doubt that Nielson will ever count them in television ratings, cats can be considered a significant television audience.

In the middle of the night I once had the scare of my life when the television in my living room burst on. I suspected a noisy burglar, but the culprit was my cat who whizzed past me in fright on the stairs about two seconds later. The intruder was none other than the television “on” button, which the cat had inadvertently pushed with his paw as he jumped down from the top of the television and onto the hard wood floor, causing the remote to crack into many pieces.

The word, remote, in my house often refers not to the name of the object but rather to the chances of finding it. It could be and often is anywhere. I might consider leaving the remote on a shelf or some place where the cats can’t get to it. The only problem is that I won’t be able to reach it either and if I want to change the channel, well…use your imagination.  Maybe I will too.

In the meantime, in between time, like the old song says, “ain’t we got fun?”

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Smiles For All