Warm Thoughts


This morning was another extremely cold start to the school week here in Wisconsin. While some school districts closed, others decided to push forward amid sub-zero temperatures and potentially dangerous wind chills. Believe it or not, even the four and five-year-olds on my bus are getting used to it.

Looking in my rear-view mirror at all of the bundled up munchkins, I tried to take their minds off the cold with thoughts of warmer days to come. I said, “Just think you guys, you could be playing on a beach somewhere pretty soon.” I immediately saw their minds turn towards these balmy thoughts. I continued, “…sunny, eighty degrees, building a sand castle…people laughing, music playing…” I knew by their faces I had triggered their imaginations, but I wasn’t exactly sure we shared the same concept of paradise when one of the five-year-olds contributed to the list of pleasurable images, “…gladiators swinging in the trees…”

(Illustration courtesy of Ea/Freedigitalphotos.net)