It’s Valentine’s Day: Where Are The Women?


February 15, 2014– Well into the evening yesterday (Valentine’s Day), I entered a small florist and found myself in line behind six or seven male customers…and no women.  That’s right; not one women in the shop (other than employees)!

I found this objectionable and asked aloud for all to hear, “Where are the ladies getting flowers for their men?”  A couple of the men laughed as did the four (or five) men and women working at the store.  The rest of the male customers didn’t.  “OK, this is serious business,” I thought to myself.

I went home and explained the situation to my wife (Chocolate Malt Shake, or CMS for short).  She shared, “Well, I thought of getting you flowers when I was in the supermarket, but I already had too much in my hands.”

We were discussing the situation with a women friend this morning, and I noted kindly but sincerely with reference to CMS’s thinking about getting me flowers, “Well it’s the thought that count.”

Before the words were barely out of my mouth, CMS grinned from ear-to-hear and noted, “No, it doesn’t.”  Not surprisingly, I guess, our friend concurred.

I’m forewarned; it’s not the thought that counts!

Addendum: A half- hour after posting the above, CMS and I revisited the topic.  She allowed, “I think I would have gotten your flowers if my hands weren’t full… or at least, I’d like to think I would.”  All I can say is…

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