Two Girls And A School


A first time visit to my home by a friend and his family who recently moved into the city brought together the two most talkative 7 year old girls on this planet: My daughter Somi and Fred’s daughter Cindy!

They instantly hit it off like a house on fire, leaving us parents some breathing time of our own.

An hour into the evening we decided to check what the girls were up to.  We overheard a conversation that’s etched into our memories forever.

“Which school are you from, Cindy?”


“Caramel! Wow!! I am in Caramel too, which class? I am in 1st A,” asked Somi excitedly.

Cindy’s eyes lit up; happy to find a schoolmate.  She replied, “I am in 1st C, your class is the corner one right?”

“Yes, the one with lots of flowers on the wall.”

And from here onwards they discussed and agreed on everything about the school. They complained about naughty boys in each other’s classes, the Principal, the sweet math teacher, cute flowers in the school garden, swings in the play area not working, cafeteria food, and even the strict guard at the school entrance.

Well, a pretty normal a conversation between schoolmates, right?

Yes, even I think so, with the exception of one small detail I forgot to mention. Both Fred and I live almost 20 miles apart at different ends of the city, and the girls attend two different schools with the same name: Caramel.

(image of girls courtesy of Sicha Pongjivanich/

(image of school courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/