TUG, NYC’s Skateboarding Bull Dog is a Stud*

August 9, 2014, Dear Secret Diary, Diary on the wall, is TUG the dog the studliest of them all?

I think YES!! The most amazing thing about TUG (or I suppose his trainers) is that Tug does it without any obvious incentive that I could see– e.g. biscuits, bone, cash, etc?  He’s just out there, doing his thing, seemingly without a care in the world.  You couldn’t get me on that thing without some pretty serious cash incentives.


(*Diary, in return for letting me shoot this video, I told Chris Potter, TUG’s trainer, that I would share their Facebook page.  Please therefore note Diary, this is not an endorsement, and nor is Smiles For All in any way affiliated with TUG or his trainers.)