The Truth Hurts


Children are the most honest human beings on earth. Although my grandma can challenge that statement. That’s another story. Speaking of children though, my 38 year old sister was recently told by one of her third grade students that another student had called her ‘old and lazy’.

Being the ‘truth-seeker’ that she is, Stacey wanted to ask the student immediately about what she had said, but she waited. She wasn’t so much bothered by the old statement, but rather the part about being lazy. She runs around her classroom like a mad woman meeting every child’s need, so for one of them to call her lazy, she just had to find out why this child thought this. Finally, when the child approached her later that day she asked her if she had called her ‘old and lazy’. She tilted her head and with a confused look replied, “No, I didn’t say you were lazy. I just said you were old.” Stacey paused, thought about it, and decided that was okay and let her go.

Stacey has a lot going on being a full time teacher, so it wasn’t until a few days later that she mentioned this story to her husband. His reaction was to laugh and then ask, “Well, how old did she think you were?” Stacey realized she had never asked her, so the next day at school she asked her. “You know when you said I was old the other day, how old do you think I am?” Straight faced and without pausing, she replied, “32.”

Stacey said she just smiled at her and said, “Okay, you can go ahead and just keep thinking I am old.”

(photo courtesy of Poznyakov/