Trust With Birthdays


Family vacations are always a stressful time, even before the actual vacation starts. And airport security questions only make it worse!

So when my daughter and I were meeting my husband in Singapore on a last-minute vacation, I was literally dashing to the airport,

Although, my 10 year old Daughter, Somi, was very excited. As we managed to reach the airport, she was already excited at the prospect of seeing her father and also for the visit to Universal Studios in Singapore.

At the immigration desk, the security guard asked me about the purpose of the visit. I replied, “For vacation.”

Next he asked me the relation I shared with Somi. When I informed him that she is my daughter, he immediately asked me to confirm her birthday.

“It would be… ummm… Oh… Wait and minute… March… March… Seventh…” I fumbled and couldn’t remember the date for my life at that time.

“Mom!” Somi yelled.

“Sorry.. Its March seventeenth,” I finally managed to reply.

The security guard smiled at the look of my daughter’s face and immediately told her that she sure can expect a get a lot of gifts in Singapore this time.

(photo courtesy of Sofiaworld/