Training Brain


I believe if you asked most marathon runners, they would say the actual race is the fun part of the experience. The training to get you ready for that day? Not so fun. I did find a group to make the long runs more tolerable. Apparently, misery really does love company. We would meet every Saturday morning at my gym. This particular Saturday, we were slated to run 20 miles. It was the first time I had ever tackled this milestone.

As usual, our 20 miles turned into 21, due to a few wrong turns. I also learned after the 18 mile mark, it is best not to stop running, even to tie one’s shoe. Your body will not start again, without some serious effort.

I celebrated the feat by stretching. I mentally prepared myself for the walk to my car, as I knew it would not be an easy task. After my mental preparation, I finally forced my slow walk to the vehicle. As I pushed the button on my key, nothing happened. The key was lighting, but the car wouldn’t unlock. I attempted several more times; still nothing. I was sure it was our car, as I could see my kids’ car seats inside. At this point, a friend in my running group hobbled by. I asked her if I was crazy? “This is my car, right?” She confirmed it was indeed my car. We tried a few more times to unlock it; still nothing.

I realized I was going to have to bother my husband to come and get me. At this point, I was freezing, tired, and barely moving. I just wanted to get home and have a hot shower.

Suddenly, I saw my husband and kids walking towards the car. They must have have been at the gym swimming. He could tell I was upset. I explained my dilemma. He then used his keys to unlock the car door.

I realized that he and the kids had driven that car to the gym. I actually drove our other vehicle, explaining why my keys would not work. I then started to cry. Not because I was so happy the car was unlocked, but because I thought I would have to walk across the parking lot to the proper car.

My husband was kind enough to let me drive the closer car home. One of the many reasons I married him!

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