To Marry or Not to Marry? And Other Questions for 13-Year-Old Me

DoNotMarryPostNoShadowI found this entry in an old journal of mine.  Now, as a 20-something, it prompted several questions I would have for my 13-year-old self…

-Was anyone asking?

-Was everyone asking?

-Did your eighth grade boyfriend Michael V. ask?

-Would you have said yes if James Van Der Beek had proposed?

-What if he proposes now?

-Is there any chance of you meeting James Van Der Beek?

-Is your eighth grade boyfriend on Facebook?

-Should you message him now even though you didn’t want to marry him at 13?

-When did you stop having such neat handwriting?


If you enjoyed this story, you’ll probably enjoy reading this fiancé’s back up plan for if the marriage doesn’t work out.


**Leah Prinzivalli would probably not have been a writer if she got married at thirteen. Please contact her at @leahprinz on Twitter if you want to come over and watch Dawson’s Creek reruns.