Time Travel

time travel

I work on a consistent basis with children due to the fact that I am a substitute teacher for our local school district. I also have a side business where I cater tea parties for little girls and their mothers.

One day I threw a tea party for some of the mothers I have met through one school and their daughters. One mom brought her daughter and two of her daughters friends. I knew one friend from school, a cute little dark haired six year old named Anna who is always the life of the party.

The party began with serving tea, punch, and cookies, then I began to play some games with the guests. One of my games is ”What Would You Rather Do?” I give two scenarios and they have to pick which situation they would prefer and why.

We went on for a few minutes then I posed this situation to Anna: What would you rather do, time travel into the future or travel back in time?

She sat for a moment, contemplating the situation, then piped up with this answer: “Travel back in time, because I could become younger and cuter!”