There’s a New 2nd Best Shirt*


August 23, 2014- Dear Secret Diary, there is a new 2nd Best Shirt, and it is pictured above.*

You may recall, Diary, that back in April, I modeled for you the (now former) 2nd Best Shirt in the world.  This Shirt, pictured below for your convenience, is now #3.


Of course, #1 remains and will always be…

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PS.  Diary, I’m really not as egotistical as this three photo Diary entry makes me seem.  Or am I?  Hmm.  Don’t say a word Diary, I’ve had enough of you for one day.

* To make sure the record is straight, I saw a fellow in the neighborhood wearing the 2nd Best Shirt, and so of course I had to have it.  Well I didn’t take his, and I didn’t have a camera handy so I wasn’t able to take a picture, which would have been my preference.  So I got my own shirt.  Actually, to be really accurate, his is the 4th Best.  Mine is #2.