The Tattletale and the Whistleblower

DSC00139I was with my little cousins Marli, who’s 5, and Ben, who’s 12.  Marli was blowing a plastic whistle she had gotten from a Chuckie Cheese, really loudly.  Ben, being the 12-year-old big brother, asked her to stop, but she kept blowing the whistle louder and louder.

Eventually, Ben told their mom, and the mom told Marli to stop.  I laughed to myself, reflecting on the fact that Ben was “whistle blowing” on his sister who was literally, whistle blowing.


**Michael Oshins: I am an underground comic strip artist/filmmaker. Don’t tell anyone, but I spend most of my time online waiting for people to email me.  Sometimes I have a funny encounter with my family or out in the world that I’d love to share. Don’t be a stranger.