The Nose Rescuer

NoseRescuer02A few years ago, I was attending college and upon meeting a new friend, Aimee, decided to go with her to the local Wal-Mart to pick up some movies.

Well, the road near Wal-Mart was undergoing some construction—they were adding a couple of lights at an intersection to ease traffic flow. As such, traffic was slow at the time, and we were sitting in a dead stop below the construction worker who was working on the light.

Bored, I leaned over to Aimee, pretended to steal her nose, and cried out “I got your nose!” She and I struggled a bit over the pretend nose in my hand, and then she began pouting that I had stolen her nose, lamenting that she’d never again get to smell anything pleasant.

Still in traffic, we heard someone yelling. We looked up and saw the construction worker leaning over the light:

“Give that lady back her nose! Give it back!”

I sat stunned for a while that this man was yelling at me while Aimee was laughing.

“Give it back!”

“Ok, ok, I will,” I said as I gave her back her nose. “See?”

With justice served, the man continued with his work, and we continued with the traffic towards Wal-Mart.

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