The Greatest 3/4ths of a Gift

giftOne of my best friends growing up was my next-door neighbor, who’s name also happened to be Emily.  We did everything together, from camping in our backyard, to watching Mary Kate and Ashley movies, to making up dances to DREAM’s one-hit wonder, “He Loves U Not.”

But our all-time favorite pastime was riding our bikes to the nearby convenient store, Beerz, to pick up a bag of chips or a soda.  Since we lived in the suburbs, Beerz was on a main road that was a little over a mile away.  It took us a good 30-45 minutes of exercise to get that well-deserved soft drink.  And there was a sense of pride and accomplishment in coming home with an independently acquired (this was our savings we were dipping into) bag of Skittles.

One Father’s Day weekend, Emily and I decided to ride our bikes to Beerz and get our dad’s Father’s Day gifts.  Between the rows of candy, corn chips, and beef jerky, there had to be something dad would like.

Putting down my bike’s kickstand, we walked into the heavenly air conditioned mini-mart.  We scanned the rows of food, made our separate purchases, and plopped down on the curb outside- plastic bags in one hand, Gatorade in the other.

Emily opened up a half-pint of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and dug in with one of those flat wooden “spoons” they give you with Hoodsie sundae cups.  She handed me my own spoon and we both delighted in sharing the creamy dessert, letting the sun beat down on our sweaty faces.

About a quarter of the way into the half-pint, I took another generous scoop.

“Ok, that’s enough!” Emily abruptly shrieked in reaction to my helping, “I’m giving this to my dad for Father’s Day!”