The Big Milkshake

The Big Milkshake on a Good Hair Day, Sporting His Avatar

The Big Milkshake on a Good Hair Day, Sporting His Avatar

For starters, while I am “The Big Milkshake,” I’m not actually a talking dairy beverage with an orange beard like my avatar.  However, my wife will confirm that I talk plenty, and our teenage son delights in reminding me that my once orange beard is growing grey. I have lived in New York City most of my life and have always enjoyed a good laugh.

That said, for decades (I am now in my 50’s), I was totally nervous and stressed about life.  I adopted a mindset that substantially suffocated my desire for playfulness and laughter.   Eventually, something had to change.

More than anybody, my dear friend Alan, the inspiration for this site, introduced me to the possibility of a different way.  He showed me that playfulness and fulfilling the serious responsibilities of a busy life can walk arm in arm.

But the most important thing Alan playfulness and his funny stories did for me was make me laugh.  These moments, Milkshake Moments, were such special gifts that I decided to pass them along.  It has been working much better than re-gifting those not-so-tasty holiday fruitcakes.

I copy Alan’s way when my wife and I invite friends over, and I encourage them to enjoy our “cash bar.”  I think of Alan when a customer service representative asks, “How can I help you today?” and I tease, “I’d like to be taller and better looking.”  Most of the time, it turns out that they feel the same way.

In embracing Alan’s approach in my own way (yes I am stuck with me), folks I encounter seem to be having more fun… and so am I.  Because of these experiences and my special times with Alan, I decided to create simply to spread more moments of laughter.

Why “The Big Milkshake”?

I wanted to adopt a playful name that captured my vision for Smiles For All.  I have heard that people like food; I for one love brussels sprouts.  More importantly, I have a huge sweet spot for milkshakes, and, as our son has pointed out, “Everybody smiles when they are drinking a milkshake.”  That is of course unless you are lactose intolerant or vegan.  But we like smoothies too.

Why “THE BIG Milkshake”?

What else would I be, “A Small Milkshake?”

I hope you have a great time here.

Love and Cheers,


The Big Milkshake
Founder of
Director, Dessert and Milkshakes

PS.  Here I am with my parents.

The Big Milkshake and His Parents

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