That Awkward Time I Was the Only One Naked


Back when I was a teenager there was a local swimming hole we use to go to called “The Rez”. We’d go there on hot summer days and jump off cliffs into water. It was a great place to hang with close friends and escape the summers heat.

There was this one cliff there called The Leap. It must of have been 40 feet high, and at the bottom were some dark waters. It was a scary cliff to jump off of to begin with, but the water that laid below it made the jump even more frightening.

One thing I should mention is that the land was behind a man’s business, and once in a blue moon he’d call the cops on us seeing how so many people would be there, screaming, and jumping off cliffs.

So it was an extremely hot day, and a couple of my buddies and I decided to go to The Rez and catch a dip. While we were there, my one friend had the great idea for all of us to jump off of The Leap at the same time. Then, another buddy decided to would be more interesting if we all jumped off naked at the same time.

I’d love to tell you that I was the smart one here, and told them all that this was an extremely stupid idea, but I wasn’t. I actually remember myself saying “That is a great idea!” But keep in mind: I was a teen, and sometimes you need to learn your own lessons.

So we decided at the count of three we’d drop our pants and fly off of the scary Leap into the dark waters. The count hit three and I dropped my pants and ran full speed nude into what can only be described as a bad decision. Before I hit the water, I heard a lot of laughter and when I came up, I realized that I was the only one who jumped off naked.

My friends peeked from the cliff laughing and pointing as I happened to be the dummy falling for the trick. I myself couldn’t stop laughing as I swam to the surface, still calming down from the adrenaline rush I had just received.

As I walked out of the water all I had to cover myself up with was my hands. And in a moment I realized that everyone was gone and I didn’t know why. That is until I saw a police officer walking towards me telling me to put my hands in the air.

I told him, “I can’t sir.”

He looked at me, called his partner over, and they both had a great laugh.

I got off with a warning, and they were nice enough to give me my shorts back. I’m still plotting against my friends trying to think of a way to get them back, but for the time being, I have a hilarious memory.

(photo courtesy of Mitar Gavric/