Thanksgiving with Dad


So the beautiful time of Thanksgiving is once again upon us. It is a magical time of family, friends, being thankful, and stuffing your face like no one is watching. Thanksgiving is big in my family, so big actually that even the pilgrims think that we over do it. Anyway, I have a big family, and each year we decide on where to have our annual Thanksgiving dinner. My father ended up getting to host it after promising the best dinner that anyone has ever eaten if he was allowed to host it. In my mind I thought, “Take it easy dad. You’re not a top chef, just a guy that happens to have an oven and a turkey.” Either way the family agreed, and my father couldn’t be more excited. So it was the eve of Thanksgiving, and all through the house not a creature was stirring, except for my brother with his Gameboy. My father was working overnight shifts at the time. This meant he would have to put the turkey in the oven before work and have my brother, or myself, take the turkey out in time for it to be done for dinner.

My father sat us down like we were going up against trial. He threatened to take away the TV, our phones, etc., if we forgot to take the turkey out of the oven in time. So my father went off to work, and my brother and I went off to bed. We woke early and checked the turkey just to be safe, and so far so good. Then, my brother had a fantastic idea of turning up the temperature on the oven so it would cook faster so we could go back to sleep. He cranked it up, and then told me to wait until it was done, because he was going back to bed. Believe me I tried to sit and watch that turkey, but I was tired.  I ended up falling asleep in front of the oven. I awoke to a sound I never heard before. A sound of smoke coming from the oven, and a noise coming from my father as if he had just seen a ghost. My father was in so much shock he didn’t yell, seeing how it was now Thanksgiving, and we planned on having company over in just a couple hours. Instead of yelling he told us he was going to get a turkey, and sped off in his car.

Now, if you are unaware, trying to find a turkey on Thanksgiving day is like trying to find oxygen in space. Hours past, and all the family came over, and we were sitting at the dinning table. Chuckles and laughter were being fed across the room as my father brought out the main dish. He turned to me and said, ”Jeremy would you like to carve the Thanksgiving chicken?”

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