How I Tech-Tricked My Wife into Happiness


The happiest compromises are often embedded in the least expected packaging.

It was a phase in life that needed a smart idea to rescue it from turning into a problem. I would like to think that my wife and I are one of the most compatible couples living on this planet. We value the same things in life, share the same interests, and see eye-to-eye on everything – well, almost.

Take the issue of having a hi-tech music system in the house. I’m a techy kind of guy, and I love being surrounded by gadgets. The thought of installing the latest music system at home and admiring its sleek contours leaves a bright smile to my face. And well, that’s where the problem began.

For 12 months, my wife and I had been arguing about the kind of interiors our home should have. She did not like the bulky speaker and large video screens because they were not blending with the simple Zen look of our home. This clash in opinions would often lead to lengthy discussions. She couldn’t see it my way and I couldn’t see hers. It looked like a compromise would be difficult.

Then, in March this year, I ventured into business with a close friend’s company that manufactures a sound system, which has a 100% WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor). To put the design to test was simple- if my wife would approve of it, it would be approved by all. So, I bought a set of speakers for our home and hung them on the walls in prominent areas where all could see them. And guess what? She thought they were paintings! It was only after three days that she discovered what these ‘paintings’ were. Since then, she’s happy and I’m making money.