Superman’s Car? Am I The Only One Confused?

Superman's Car? Am I The Only One Confused?

June 2, 2014– Dear Secret Diary.  As you can see in the photo, Superman apparently has a car?  This has me a bit confused as I thought Superman could fly.  Diary, why does Superman need a car?

— Can Superman in fact not fly?  This would be a bummer as most men chose flying as their desired superpower– except for one smarty I know who chose as his desired superpower the power to pick whatever power he wanted at any point in time.

— Is Superman afraid of a little rain, so much so that he’d prefer to drive in order to stay dry?  I’ve never seen him get wet.  Like the Wicked Witch of the West, maybe he melts when he gets wet?

— When Superman is with a bunch of friends who have a lot of baggage, is it just easier to drive than to carry everybody and their luggage?

— Perhaps Superman enjoys listening to satellite radio and doesn’t want to stick an antenna into his head?

— Finally, given Superman’s high-paced life, is it actually possible that he finds it peaceful to be stuck in traffic?

Diary, you have no idea?  Yeah, me neither.

But it does remind me of an on-point Muhammad Ali story which unfortunately may be urban legend.  Ali was on a plane; and when the flight attendant asked him to put on his seat-belt, the champ responded, “Superman don’t need no seat-belt.”  Supposedly, the stewardess retorted, “Superman also don’t need no plane.”

Superman may not need a plane, but apparently he does need a car.