Sound Asleep

car keys

One night after working late, my husband pulled into the parking lot outside our apartment building and parked in his favorite spot. He got out of the car and locked all the doors before finally closing the driver side door. Too tired to notice that his hands were empty, he sluggishly made his way to our apartment. He put his hand in his pocket to pull out his car keys, but his pocket was empty. For good measure he decides to search his other pocket before freaking out and running back to the car to check the ground, to see if the keys fell, but no sign of the keys.  He looked through the window of the car and found the keys sitting on the driver’s seat. No problem; he remembered I was asleep inside, so he decided to simply knock on the front door so I could let him in.

He knocked once, no answer. He waited a few minutes and knocked a little harder, still no answer. He waited a few more minutes before knocking even louder. Afraid of waking the neighbors he resorted to plan B, throwing rocks at the bedroom window to wake me up.  No luck there, he quickly realized he was throwing rocks at the wrong window when strangers began opening their windows. On to plan C, climbing up the brick walls of the apartment building to enter our apartment through the balcony; still no luck because he’s no Spider-man. On to plan D, calling our car insurance company for road side assistance to unlock the car door.  He waited nearly twenty minutes for the tow truck to arrive, only to realize that the tow truck driver needed access through the front gate, which is linked to our home phone. Unable to access our home phone, my husband had to walk all the way from the back of the apartment complex, where we live, to the front of the complex to hand swipe his access card to open the gates for tow truck driver.

With my husband in tow, the driver made his way to the parking lot where our car is parked and he unlocked the car door so my husband retrieve his keys. Finally inside the apartment, he quietly walked into the bedroom, where I was still sleeping, trying not to disturb me.  Sensing movement in the room, I immediately woke up to greet him, to which he responded with, “You have got to be kidding me!”

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