Snakes in the Garage


Okay, the title is misleading. I only found one snake in the garage, but one snake is one too many. Snakes don’t belong in the garage. On the day of the traumatic event, I entered the garage, hit the button for the door opener and walked to my car. As I was getting into the car, I saw an acorn. I was going to kick the nut through the doorway when I noticed movement over in the corner.  It was a snake. It reared up, opened its mouth and slithered towards me. At least that’s what I think it did; I don’t really know what happened because I ran back inside.

I called my husband to tell him we were victims of a snake invasion. He was at work and said he would be home as soon as possible. Hours later he rushed in. Why did you leave the garage door open?” he asked.

Why wouldn’t I leave the garage door open?  I didn’t want the snake to think that it could sashay up to the door, knock, and say, “Hello I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the snake that lives down the street.” My husband did do a thorough investigation of the premises and he seemed disappointed that he couldn’t find the snake.

I know we have snakes in our neighborhood. I’ve seen them in the grass and flattened on the road.  Actually, I feel sad when I see a snake that was run over by a car. Snakes are like spiders I don’t have a problem with them as long as they stay outside. But the snake did cross the human/nature boundaries.

We have an adorable stray cat that saunters through our yard. Yet, I’ve never found him in the garage. And there’s the amusing chipmunk that sits on our front steps regularly tormenting our live-in cat. I’ve never discovered the chipmunk in the garage. I encountered a nice possum family one night crossing the road. The possums know the outdoor frontier is where they belong. We have turkeys in the vegetable garden but never in the garage. I frequently smell the scent of a skunk but I’ve never seen it in the garage. My point is the snake was definitely trespassing.

I know you’re wondering why I posted a picture of a cat. Well, cats are cuter than snakes.