Snake For Dinner


I was in a rush. School pick up, an early soccer practice for my oldest son, I was racing around the house like a headless chicken getting shoes on little ones and coaxing them out the door. In my desperate need for organization I had planned an early dinner so everybody would be fed before our busy evening began. The school is about a 3 minute drive away so I quickly put the oven on pre-heat so when we got home from school I could throw dinner in the already hot oven. Feeling smugly proud of myself and little bit like super mom for all this advanced planning, I raced out the door. We arrived home about 15 minutes later, yes the school is only a 3 minute drive away  but school is like meeting place central for mom’s and a pain to find a parking spot.

So we arrive home, the kids dragging their backpacks in the house, when my daughter yells ‘yuck something stinks!’ I was still out in the car unbuckling baby thinking that it couldn’t be dinner as I hadn’t put it in the oven yet. My son yells ‘its foggy in here’…..uh oh. Foggy? I race inside and yes indeed the house is foggy, which is a nicer way of saying smoke was bellowing out of the oven and yes the house did stink. I raced to the oven to investigate and what did I find. I found a half melted rubber snake. Of all things my toddler would choose for a nice warm home for his pet rubber snake, the oven. I switch off the oven, open all the windows and prepare to scrape the melted monstrosity from my oven. It was barely recognizable, a green goo oozing off my oven rack. But it’s okay, I have to say it’s okay because I learned a lesson from this and that is always good. Lesson learned…always check the oven before turning it on because it makes a great hiding place for toys.

(photo courtesy of Michael Elliot/