Cattitude Part IV: Sleeping With Your Cat (Cats)


I don’t know of anyone who has a cat who does not sleep with the cat. Or is it the other way around? If you do not show a cat a specific place to sleep, then your bed is it. While this is all cute and adorable, there are some pitfalls that you may not be aware of. Let me explain.

At one time, I had five cats. One slept on my head with a paw dangling listlessly over my forehead, two were usually nestled under the crook of each arm, and the two remaining cats took their places on either side of my legs. This was all perfectly fine until the moment I changed position and attempted to roll over in what used to be my bed alone.

This upset the cat or should I say cats, and repositioning maneuvers were mandatory in order for everyone to be happy. This often took a while. I had to learn to be quick; too much thought never worked here. Moving swiftly under the covers as the cats scattered, I held my position and pretended to snore. This was a distraction, but only for the moment.

Soon everyone was happy again in his or her new positions (which were really the same, only at different angles). The next problem was the fact that with this newly found happiness rendered some very loud purring. I sometimes thought I was at a dock of running motorboats instead of my own fuzzy and very crowded bed!

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