The Skiing Trip


Just recently, my friends and I went on a skiing trip. Now, I am not much of a skier to be honest. It is just not my thing. I don’t know, but paying money to tumble down the side of a mount just lacks a certain appeal. I know it can be a rush and an absolute blast, but I just cannot keep myself upright enough to enjoy those sensations.

So I fall a lot, is what it comes down to. Usually minor falls, nothing too bad. I can just get back up and do it all again. But this last time, this last time was different. We had just suited back up after taking a break in the lodge. It had started to snow, which at the time I thought was kind of cool. We decided we would go down one of the beginner slopes together.

First, two of the friends that I was skiing with are very adept at skiing so they were doing me and the other guy a favor by doing the beginner slope. I had already fallen all morning long, but I was starting to gain some confidence so I thought it would be cool to go down together.

It started well enough, partly because I went last. The others looked great and I was doing great behind them. I was managing to keep my speed in check going from side to side and everything seemed to be going fine.

There is a place on this slope where you have to make almost a U-turn before proceeding down the rest of the slope. As I entered this portion of the trail, I found that a lot of it had iced over. And as I found that out, sure enough I hit a patch of it and went tumbling. I slid for a good distance before I finally landed in a heap at the end of the U-turn.

Now, I wear glasses and that had proved problematic all day. This time was worse. The fall had caused my glasses to fog up terribly. When I finally picked myself up, I could not see anything. The snowfall also made it impossible to see with my fogged glasses. And suddenly, I panicked. I did not know where I was or anything. I just freaked out.

I forced myself to keep going down the hill. The whole time, I just couldn’t see anything but grey and white. I did come across a couple of other skiers ahead of me that I was able to follow for a bit, but I eventually lost them.

I just kept going down that hill hoping to reach the end soon. All of the sudden, I saw… orange. Even though I could hardly make anything out, I knew orange was a bad sign. Sure enough the blurs became details and I discovered that it boundary markers and a snow fence.

The next thing I knew the ground dropped out from beneath me. And I kid you not I actually screamed the words, “OH DEAR!” as I was flying through the air. I landed with quite the thud and then rolled for some time before finally coming to a rest.

I must have made it almost all the way down the hill because I could actually hear my friends laughing somewhere below. One of my skis went flying during the fall and lay back up the hillside some twenty feet away. I tried making my way back up to get it, but try as I might, I just kept sliding back down.

Fortunately, a good soul came by and picked up my ski for me. And of course, adding insult to injury, it had to be a chick. Here I am all disheveled and pretty well humiliated and the one person who happens to come by and help me was a nice young lady. And instead of saying something witty like, “Jeez, shouldn’t have tried that inverted 720,” all I said in my out-of-breath and dazed tone was, “Thank you.”

After that, I decided just to walk down the rest of the hill because I knew it wasn’t far based off of the laughter I heard earlier. So I finally reached the ski lift at the bottom and found my friends. I made my way over to where they were standing. As I was walking towards them, I was like, “Man, I can’t see anything. The snow. Nothing.”

And as if to prove my point, it wasn’t my friends I was walking to. It was some random guy I didn’t even know. I got over to him and realized my mistake pretty quickly. All he said was, “Yeah,” and walked away. I am pretty sure he thought I was a complete idiot. I certainly felt like enough of one. Needless to say, that was the last time I went down those slopes that day.

(photo courtesy of Yakov Stavchansky/