If The Shoe Fits


“I have had a wonderful evening, but this wasn’t it.”
– Groucho Marx

I’m not much of a party person. I do enjoy getting together with my BFFs and most family members, but I am truly uncomfortable at the, ‘Hey, I barely know you… let’s pretend we are more than acquaintances’ get-togethers.

Recently, I had to attend such an affair. I pulled together an outfit and applied a bit of makeup to a face that rarely dons such. Shoes were an issue though. I couldn’t wear rubber clogs, boat moccasins, or hiking boots. I do own one pair of heels that would go nicely, but truth be told, I never did practice the stiletto strut. A visit to the emergency room wasn’t something that even my party distaste would relish.

As time to depart drew near, I began to panic over my lack of suitable footwear. Size 10 means that I couldn’t borrow from a BFF, nor was I likely to find a K-Mart open on a Sunday evening.

Why hadn’t I planned ahead? Why did I think that I had suitable attire? And, why did I often find myself in this type of predicament?

Note to self; “Get it together, Kathy.”

A light bulb went on in this now frazzle brain, and my dilemma seemed to have a solution at hand (or foot?).

Using a serrated steak knife – I had only a hammer in the tool box that served as a junk drawer- I began sawing away at those four inch ankle-breakers. My effort payed off, although the ends were splintered and rough.  After a round with  a pumice stone I had a fairly smooth set of heelless heels. Finally, a bit of artistic endeavor with a black marker to cover my handiwork, and I was set.

“Thank you so much,” I said to the woman who admired my pumps.  “I have a closet full of shoes and I can never seem to find a pair that is suitable. These old things always do the job.”


(striped shoes photo courtesy of Nuchylee, gray sneakers photo courtesy of FrameAngel, slippers photo courtesy of Gubgub, banana peel photo courtesy of Posterize, boots photo courtesy of Arvind Balaraman, flippers photo courtesy of Anankkml, red sneakers photo courtesy of Nuttakit, all photos via Freedigitalphotos.net)