Zinged By My Family: Episode 1, A Senior and A Senior Citizen

DunkinDonutsAARPI really have no idea when one becomes a “senior citizen”.  Whatever age it is, here are three things I do know. 

1) I ultimately look forward to being a senior citizen for a long time.

2) Now just in my 50’s, I do not yet consider myself a senior citizen, although no doubt I am now solidly into middle age.  Even the most optimistic golfer would have a hard time suggesting that I am not on or rapidly approaching the 11th hole of life.

3) Per the below, our teenage son seems on a mission to market to me the idea that I am old.

— He, our angelic bundle of joy, sent me this text out of the blue a few months ago graciously informing me:

“At dunkin [Donuts] for breakfast and they have a discount for AARP members.”

Yes, I accepted AARP’s invitation to join when I was 50.  No, I didn’t need to know about the discount.

— He, the stork’s gift, seems to relish pointing out that the color grey seems to be taking over my beard.  Of course, my bathroom mirror reminds me of this even more often.

— He, our genetic creation, just finished junior year.  The other night, I entered his room, and we exchanged words:

The Big Milkshake: “Hi Senior.”

The Teenager: “Hi Senior Citizen.”

Alas, Senior: 3.  Senior Citizen: 0.

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