Sabrina, The 3 Year Old Sleuth


My older sister at the time was just a few months pregnant with my now 7 year old, opera singing and ballet dancing little niece. Seriously, she is only 7 but can sing opera like no other! My daughter Sabrina was 3 at the time. My sis is naturally thin, yes even when pregnant, so the slightest swell of her tummy was noticed by Sabrina the Sleuth.

Sabrina was a very inquisitive, dark-curly haired little girl who, like other preschoolers, asked a lot of questions about everything and everyone. “Why is the moon white? Why can’t we touch the sky? Why does she have to go to sleep? Why can’t she have pizza for breakfast? Why do I have to go to work? Why can’t she come with me?” She would go on and on. Sometimes the questions didn’t stop. Only when she fell asleep.

I explained the pregnancy and the reason for the growing of my sister’s belly to Sabrina as best as I could. I hoped to to get her to understand that there was a baby growing inside her aunt, which is why her tummy was growing and getting bigger and bigger so quickly.

One night as I was getting ready for bed, Sabrina was sitting on my bed watching me change into my pajamas. She looked at me and stated matter of factly, “Mommy you’re having a baby too.” I looked at her, smiled and responded, “No sweetheart, I’m not having a baby.” Only to have her reply confused, “But Mommy, you’re tummy is getting bigger too!”

Thanks my only child!

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