Recruiters in Trouble


“Can I know your sun-sign please?”

Interviews can be a tricky place to be. And I am not at all talking about the candidates.

Interviewers like me can also find ourselves in situations where we run for cover and sometimes even fumble for answers.

So when a candidate named Tracy asked me this question at the gag end of an aggressive and exhaustive day of interviews with over a dozen applicants, I simply couldn’t hold back a smile. She got the job, by the way, and still works for the company.

However, not all are as lucky as me. I remember a very senior recruiter telling a group of us about his experience with a persuasive candidate who followed him to the gym shower and requested feedback on the interview conducted earlier that day.

We all had a healthy laugh and soon shared some of our own logic defying candidate-interviewer experiences.

So from being told about an applicant’s fascination with arms to being asked out on a date, we have seen a lot. However, one such story that we found really amusing came this year from my colleague, Trong.

Trong taking reference from the interviewee’s resume asked the fresh-out-of-college 21-year-old about his mentioned passion for baseball.

He enthusiastically explained his command over the sport and how he excels in every game he has played in the last 4 years.

Satisfied with his response, Trong, out of curiosity, asked him about the number of hours he spends each day in practice.

“Till my phone-battery doesn’t run out!”

(Illustration courtesy of Maxutov/