Questions About Dinosaurs


On our Thanksgiving trip to Sedona, Arizona, we took a ride on the Verde Canyon Railroad, and sat in the caboose. One of the perks of riding in  the caboose is that you have your own valet. Ours was Fermin, who was incredible!

Fermin was born and raised in the area and knows a great deal about everything where we were staying. We asked him many questions, but then my grandson, who is four, decided he had to know something, too. He first asked his mom, “Where are all the dinosaurs?” When she tried to explain as best as one can to a four year old, that they are extinct, he was not happy with that answer. So he turned to Fermin, and in a very insistent voice, asked, “WHERE ARE ALL THE DINOSAURS, FERMIN?!”

(photo courtesy of Popover/