Q&A Tuesday*: Why Does The Easter Bunny Carry Eggs?

Easter Bunny and Eggs

Today on Q&A Tuesday, I will address an incisive question about the Easter Bunny posed by AlpacaLover <3 a number of months ago.  AlpacaLover politely challenged:

Question: “So I have a question. Why does the Easter Bunny carry eggs, when in fact rabbits don’t even lay eggs?”


AlpacaLover, I have been grateful for this question.  And I been even more grateful that you asked this question four months ago so I had time to come up with an answer by Easter.

I was hoping to have the answer by last Tuesday so I resolve any open issues and concerns around this topic in advance of Easter.  But alas, I was unable to make any headway.

Easter now two days in the rear-view mirror, I knew today was the absolute deadline.  Still, I had nothing.

About to give up and make something up, I posed the question to Chocolate Malt Shake (my wife).

Fortunately, she knew the answer.  She informed me, and I now inform all of you, that “Rabbits don’t lay eggs, but Easter Bunnies do.”

Works for me.

Thanks again for your question, AlpacaLover <3.


(Photo © Zaretskaya | Dreamstime.com – Tired Easter Bunny Photo )


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Smiles For All