Q&A Tuesday*: Why Do Superheroes Wear Their Underpants Outside?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Mr. Danshov asks:

Question: “This has been a mystery to me since I was a child.  Why do superheroes (e.g. Superman and Batman) wear their underpants outside?”


Thank you for question Mr. Danshov.

One answer suggested by the Internet is that underpants outside break up what would otherwise be a monochromatic color pattern.  Superman would otherwise be all blue– except for his socks/boots and cape.

But I would like to advance a different explanation.  Superhero pants are really tight.  If the underpants were on the inside, there would be “Underpants” or “Panty” line.  And that is a fashion no-no.

No superhero, male or female can possibly be seen with “Underpants” or “Panty” line.  Nobody, particularly criminals, would take them seriously.

And thus Mr. Danshov, underpants out was invented!


(Photo © Strels | Dreamstime.com – Superman. Photo.)


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