Q&A Tuesday*: Shouldn’t “Fun Size” Candies Be Big and Not Small?

Fun Size

Today on Q&A Tuesday, ASMs asks:

Question: “Have you gone to the grocery and found some of the so-called “Fun Size” chocolate bars, other candy bars, and even nachos? Why do they even call them that?  Isn’t it more fun to eat  a big one?  It’s really bothering me whenever I see them.”


ASMs, now that you mention it, it bothers me too!

As to why they call the small ones “fun size”, I am really not sure.  My guess is that they had to do something as they knew that calling them “1/4 sized”, “1/2 sized”, or “Not as Big as the Big Ones” probably wouldn’t work that well.”  And in addition to the other benefits as shown in the photo above, they probably wanted to suggest an additional product benefit and came up with “fun”.

And ASMs, with respect to the latter point, I suspect you might agree with me when I suggest that perhaps there isn’t anything “unfun” about smaller sizes.  In fact, I think the small ones are kind of fun; it’s just that, as you point out, the bigger ones are SO MUCH MORE fun.  So much more fun that they in fact do make me wonder why they even bother making the smaller ones at all.

They say, “Good things come in small packages.” I don’t know who the “they” is in this case because they didn’t ask me.  If they had asked me, I would have suggested that small doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but big is so much better.

And to prove the point, if you get something good in a small package, wouldn’t ten small packages of this good thing be that much better?  My answer would be, “I think so.”

So yes ASMs, while I don’t think it is necessarily wrong to call the small ones “fun size”, I do think the “fun size” should be reserved for what is traditionally known as “large”, “extra large”, and “extra large”– particularly when it comes to chocolate bars, other candy bars, and nachos.

Or, if folks are compelled to call the small ones “Fun Size”, I would suggest they get the point across by calling sequentially larger sizes “More Fun Size”, “Still More Fun Size”, and “Funnest Size of All.”


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