Q&A: Can’t They Make the Whole Plane out of Black Box Material?

Q&A with The Big Milkshake

Today on Q&A Tuesday, Manu challenges us:

Question: “You know that little indestructible called the black box that is used on planes? Why can’t they make the whole plane out of the same substance?”

Thanks Manu!

And Manu, here’s your answer:

Answer: Because!

“Because” is what we tell our kids when we don’t have a good answer, and… that’s what I got… for the most-part. 🙂

Needless to say, I asked Advisor Emily, and she too had no idea.  The Internet doesn’t know either.

But I did learn a number of years ago that the black box is in fact not black.  No, the black box is actually orange!!!  And maybe that provides the beginning of some thoughts that might be useful.

If in fact planes were made out of the “black box” substance, then planes would all be orange.  And then we would never be able to tell one airline from another and know which plane to board.  That would be incredibly bewildering, something which of course we as a species we can never let happen.

Also, if you are an American Air pilot flying at 35,000, you can tell by looking at another plane’s colors and logos whether or not it is or isn’t on your team.  If I were a Delta pilot, I would want to know if the plane over yonder was another Delta plane (teammate), or in fact an American Air plane (opponent).   Imagine the extent of pilot confusion if every plane was orange.

But here is where the rubber does meet the road.  While for all the above reasons it might not make sense to make planes out of the black box substance, below are a number of  other items we’re afraid of dropping that we SHOULD make out of the black box material– recognizing of course that they would be orange:

Eye glasses, drinking glasses, plates, model boats, bones, fingernails, cell phones, computers, and babies.

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