Being Punctual Isn’t Always Good


My colleague, Nick, announced he was throwing a party to celebrate his recent promotion. The news delighted me as I had just bought a beautiful gown with my first paycheck. I was dying to wear it, and Nick’s party gave me the opportunity.

The party took place that Thursday. I was excited and started my preparations. I shopped for matching earrings, a bracelet, and other essential accessories. With each passing day my excitement grew, and I could no longer wait.

Finally the day arrived. The party started at 7.30 pm, but I was running extremely late. I arrived at 8:00 pm and saw Nick standing, going over some papers.

I immediately apologized to Nick for being so late. However, to my surprise, he started laughing. Turns out that this would be one of the most embarrassing days of my life.

Nick said to me, “In my life I haven’t seen a guest who is so punctual that she came to a party a day early!”

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