The Pranks of Kurt Braunohler [VIDEO]

kurt braunohler

“I want to insert stupidity or absurdity into strangers’ lives because I think for a moment it can make the world a better place.” -Kurt Braunohler from his comedy album, How Do I Land?

Philosophically, I am completely on board with the quote above from my favorite comedian, Kurt Braunohler. But I don’t know if I have the dedication, or the creativity, to go the lengths he does to make the world a better place with outrageously silly acts and pranks.

As detailed in his stand up comedy and interviews, Kurt is always finding new ways to make our mundane lives a little more fun and weird. This includes planting altered greeting cards in pharmacies (To a child’s birthday card that says “You’re 4!” he added ‘Just one more year till memories!”), leaving obviously forged autograph books in bookstores (The fake inscription in Fifty Shades of Grey reads ‘Whitish grey, blackish gray, tannish grey. These are just a few of the shades you’ll find in these covers.”), and even giving fake facts during tours of the Brooklyn Bridge (“Jeff Bridges was named after the Brooklyn Bridge!”).

Kurt Braunohler’s most famous prank is when he raised over $6,000 dollars via to pay an airplane pilot to sky-write “How Do I Land?” for all of Los Angeles to see. The video below is a clip of the local news covering the prank.


Kurt’s next fun-venture was to create signs responding to the stop signs in his neighborhood. Check it out!


And if you’re totally over anonymous silliness, Kurt has 3 suggestions of things you can do in public to spread happiness (and confusion) to those around you! (NOTE: Smiles For All does not actually encourage yelling strange things in public, unless you are Kurt Braunohler.)

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