A couple of friends take a trip to a hotel swimming pool. But one of them doesn't that know that he's in for some of the zaniest poolside pranks!

Being Pranked In The Pool


I have a really funny friend named Cahya. One day, he asked me and some of my friends to go swimming in a hotel. Of course, we said yes. After we arrived at the pool, he excitedly jumped to the pool and laughed. The thing was, it turned out that he couldn’t swim at all. Yeah, he couldn’t swim, yet he asked us to go swimming. The next thing he did was borrowing a small buoy. He tried to float on the water so many times, but he couldn’t. We didn’t know why, but he just couldn’t float. We helped him again and again, but still, he couldn’t float. He was frustrated and kept silent. Then, he went to the corner of the pool and sat there. After that day, every time we asked him to go swimming, he would just sit at the corner of the pool, soaking himself in the water until we finished swimming.

One day, a week after his birthday, we decided to go swimming again. And of course, Cahya went too. But, we had already prepared a prank for him as his birthday gift. When he stood near the pool, we threw a wet towel on him, and he fell into the water. Everyone in the pool looked at him and laughed so hard. He was embarrassed and covered his face. But, a minute later, he laughed so loud.

That was not the only thing we did to Cahya. After swimming, he decided to take a shower. When he was taking a shower, we asked the pool management to turn off the light and stop the water. “CLICK” the light was off. He screamed and ran. My friends saw him full of foam in his hair and laughed. It took a minute for him to understand that he was being pranked. He laughed and slowly went back to the shower.

Lastly, after we all had showered, we decorated his motorcycle with colorful balloons and flowers. Cahya really didn’t like bright colors. For the last touch, we put a big yellow duck buoy in his motorcycle’s handlebars. It was our gift for him, so that the next time he went to the pool, he could float and not just sit in the corner of the pool. When he found out his motorcycle was being decorated, he was speechless. His expression was worth it. Then, again, it was the hardest I had seen him laugh. We kept laughing on the way home. The happiest thing was later when he posted online, “You guys are the craziest people I’ve ever met; however, you are also the best! I will never forget the best moment ever!” Truly, that was a very great day!

(photo courtesy of Rob Bouwman/Dreamstime.com)