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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Leaving a Bad Driving Impression


At the grocery store, I happened to grab a shopping cart with a skewed wheel. This caused me endless difficulty as I struggled up and down the aisles. [ Read More ]

Nitrous Oxide and Goodfellas


My sophomore year of college, over spring break, I got all of my wisdom teeth pulled. I was terrified about how it would feel. The night before the procedure, to help relax, I watched a lot of my favorite movies. [ Read More ]

Some Halloween Love For People Without Costumes


Dear Secret Diary.  Today was Halloween, and I know folks enjoy being complimented on their costumes.  But this doesn’t mean that those not wearing costumes can’t also feel some love. [ Read More ]

Spring Fever


Spring is here! Especially for these landscapers. [ Read More ]

Yes, It’s Me, Again [PODCAST]

car accident

Vincy tells the story of his wife and he unfortunate habit of getting into car accident after car accident. And not just one or two. Several! [ Read More ]

School Children


When I taught English at the middle school level, I announced to one of my classes that our spring holiday break would commence that Friday. [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part III: Cats and The Vacuum Cleaner: A Fatal Combo


What is it about the vacuum cleaner that makes many cats disappear? Some say it’s those loud, whooshing sounds that a cat doesn’t quite understand. But I never point the vacuum at them or taunt them in any way. I am just VACUUMING! [ Read More ]

It’s Sarong Place, It’s Sarong Time


The sarong has a power and mystique all its own. Although they were made before I was born, the sarong is timeless, and when one finally came to me unbidden, I was happy. Or so I thought. [ Read More ]

Sushi Chef Extraordinaire


I’ve loved food and cooking from an early age. I was also more adventurous as far as what I’d eat than most kids were. Now… you’ll recall that like a lot of 10-year-olds, I was completely unfamiliar with sushi. That said, I had no idea a sushi platter was supposed to be served “as is”. [ Read More ]

Play Hide and Seek with Me

hide and seek

This little kid is a colleague’s son playing hide and seek with me. I think we need to work that out. [ Read More ]

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