Protected: Smiles For All

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

The Squeaky Piano Pedal [PODCAST]


Tracy tells the funny true story about singing praises alongside a squeaky piano pedal. Can Tracy help herself from bursting out laughing?? [ Read More ]

You Need My Picture On It [PODCAST]


Erin tells the story of a mishap during a memorable college job. At least she learned the value of a picture ID! [ Read More ]

Waiting for a Prank


This picture may either depict the long wait I was experience for the delivery guy or my desire to pull a prank on him. [ Read More ]

The Goldberg Condo


Since my expenses have gone through the roof I decided to move into a very inexpensive condo.  I intend to stay here until spring. [ Read More ]

Daughter has Brains


Obviously, my daughter has brains and she’s using it as her strategy. [ Read More ]

The Spice Girls and Cookie Time

funny dream image

March 22, 2014– Dear Secret Diary.  A friend of Emily recently shared a Spice Girl dream with us: [ Read More ]

The Best Defense [VIDEO]

The Big Milkshake remembers the time he was in a sparring match that inadvertently went well for him. Was it his offense? His defense? How did he win? [ Read More ]

My Mother’s Velvet Pants


My mother was a wonderful person. She was a very talented artist and cut from a different mold, as all artists are. [ Read More ]

Getting An Oil Change


We went to the Toyota dealership to have an oil change for Gloria’s 2007 Camry. Right off the bat, the service guy said we had some heavy stuff to be done. [ Read More ]

Little League Baseball In A Nutshell

little league baseball players are small and cute

My youngest son was eight years old when he earned a spot on his first travel baseball team. [ Read More ]