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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Potty Training [PODCAST]

potty training

Joseph tells the story of when he was potty training as a kid. Let’s just say, during a trip out, his training kicked in at the wrong moment. [ Read More ]

Mom Knows Best


This was inside my daughter’s jacket. Don’t mind it, mom already knew what to do. [ Read More ]

A Day with Bikram Yoga


I confidently stride into the room, unaware that my short employment stint at a fitness center could never fully prepare me for playing twister in a tropical rain forest. [ Read More ]

Ride Em Cowboy


Years ago, one of the things I enjoyed doing in the summer was horseback riding. A young lady my age bugged me to take her along. Although I liked to go alone, I found it difficult to turn her down. Little did I know what would happen next. [ Read More ]

Library Heist [VIDEO]

Mikey’s friend discovers that the school library has a rare record in their collection worth thousands of dollars.  But is it worth stealing? “Library Heist” was told at Smiles For All’s Live Story Night! [ Read More ]

Burger Cosplay


They’re called cosplayers. They wear costumes and show-off the artistic sides of themselves. Of all them, these burger cosplayers are my favorite. [ Read More ]

Encounters With Wildlife

Today, I ran into a squirrel. I literally ran into a squirrel. Now, I realize that the word “literally” doesn’t carry any weight anymore, since many dictionaries have decreed that it no longer means what it used to mean. So I shall say it this way: I actually, really, truly, and matter-of-fact-ly ran into a … [ Read More ]

Pantsplosion! [PODCAST]


Randi tells the story about being part of a public parade shortly after having her first kid.  As she’s climbing onto the float, her pants explode at the seams!  She’s supposed to be atop this float waving to a big crowd… what does she do? [ Read More ]

She Got the Wrong Phone Number


I was watching a film with my fiancée when the phone rang and I clicked pause knowing that it was probably either one of her friends or her sister and for the next forty-five minutes, if I were lucky, I would have to wait until I could restart the film. [ Read More ]

We Know You Are Here


So I came across the post “Child-friendly Explanation Please” and I can totally understand what she felt. I had a very similar experience like she did. [ Read More ]