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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Sneak Peek [PODCAST]


Chanelle tells the hilarious story of having to care for so many kids during a birthday party. Let’s not give anything away, but there was a mishap or two. [ Read More ]

Dog’s Ivory Fossil


When I was fresh out of secondary school, I found a job cleaning the elegant home of an elderly couple. Among other duties, I had to dust their many important carvings and collectibles as well as pick up after their pets. [ Read More ]

The Ghosts


As kids, we all had bands, teams, and clubs with fun names. But The Ghosts, they were everything. Air band, kickball team, and general group of youngsters. [ Read More ]

Can You Give Me A Hot Tip at the Track?

horse Racing at the Track

December 13, 2014– My Dearest Secret Diary, although I actually have never been to the track, I like to talk about the track as follows: [ Read More ]

Tweets We Like: Wool Socks, Zombies, Math, and More


Here are some of Smiles For All’s favorite tweets from this week! [ Read More ]

Cattitude Part VI: Catinese: What Is Your Cat Really Saying?


Cats communicate with each other and their owners in a myriad of ways, many of which may go unnoticed if signals are misread or ignored. Things like a deep or light purr, for example, relay a different message to the purree (the one who is listening). [ Read More ]

Radio Interference [PODCAST]

radio interference

Leanna tells a story about a time she was working in radio and she was having some technical difficulties with… radio interference. [ Read More ]

A Hold On On-Hold Music


I couldn’t have been happier the day I figured out how to play my favorite CD’s on my computer at the office while simultaneously doing my work. [ Read More ]

A Bug Story [PODCAST]


Diane is walking in the park with her grandson, when he gives her a little lesson on bugs.  A true grandmama moment! [ Read More ]

A Touch of Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee

Here is a photo of Bruce Lee at the basement parking area of the town hall. [ Read More ]

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