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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Draw Me a Bath


My wife loves taking baths. Unfortunately, we travel full-time and live in an RV. The RV that we have only has a shower and one day, she was really missing her bathtub. [ Read More ]

A Second Grade Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day was always a big deal as a little kid.  In second grade, all the moms were invited to come into school on their special day and hear poems that their children had written for them.  [ Read More ]

Dog Princess


My friend Beatriz has this really cute dog which can never be separated from her furry rag. She somehow thought it was part of her body. [ Read More ]

Beware of Autopilot Mode When Answering the Phone


Everyone has a standard greeting they use when answering the phone at work and mine has always been, “Good morning, Name of Company/Department, Melanie speaking.” [ Read More ]

Halloween is Around the Corner


You know it’s almost Halloween when signage like this starts appearing almost everywhere. [ Read More ]

Beware of the Dog and the Cat


I found this “Beware of the Dog” sign at my outside my neighbor’s house. I think he lives with wild animals. [ Read More ]

What Were They Thinking?!


We snapped this photograph when our son was a 4 month old baby. [ Read More ]

Wrong Room [PODCAST]

wrong room

Erin tells a few stories about some truly awkward experiences. One involves a musical and another involves being in the wrong room at the wrong time! [ Read More ]

TV Side View Mode


This was the scene when I arrived at my friend’s place. Turns out, the TV helps her daughter get sleepy. [ Read More ]

The Perfect Tomato


My mother-in-law, Fay, was one of a kind. Diminutive, 5’-1, 95 pounds, but she had a steely resolve and a wonderful sense of humor. One day she phoned and asked if I could take her to the supermarket, she needed a tomato. [ Read More ]