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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Mother-In-Law’s Weight


I was busy playing Flappy Bird on my tablet PC when my mother-in-law insisted that she wanted to try our new digital weighing scale. [ Read More ]

Silly Chalk Drawing

chalk drawing

I used to work at this place called “Sips and Bites” as a Barista and Expert Sandwich Ringer Upper (i.e. I would ring up sandwiches). [ Read More ]

Bruised Ego [PODCAST]


Charlie Ray tells a funny true story about waiting in line at a haunted house with his wife.  Two pretty young girls keep looking at Charlie and whispering.  What are they talking about? [ Read More ]

Flash Mob, 1962

We’ve all heard of a flash mob, but Phil imagines the concept was a little different back in the day (and it was a whole lot faster too!). [ Read More ]

Keep Cool, Steve


I was always that badly behaved little twerp when I was three. [ Read More ]

The Button Story


While working construction, Jerry stumbles upon a remote. What does it do? Boy was he sorry when he found out! [ Read More ]

Car Dirt Art


When I was in Michigan, US of A, I came across this car parked next to me. It wasn’t exactly clean but it’s beautiful! [ Read More ]

Wedding Faux Pas


We all have had our embarrassing moments. It does sometimes seem to me that I have had more than my share of these I-wish-I were–someone-else flashes, but perhaps it’s all in my imagination. [ Read More ]

Almost Courageous [PODCAST]


As a teacher, Lorrie understands the student’s struggle when it comes to test-taking. But wait till you hear her son’s test story! [ Read More ]

Dad’s Voicemail


One evening my brother called me laughing: “Hey, what’s up, what‘s so funny?” I said. “Oh not much, just wondering if you’ve heard dad’s new voicemail greeting?” “No, I didn’t know he changed it from the automated one…what does it say?” [ Read More ]

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