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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Oh, First Impressions

first impressions

Back in college, I had trouble getting to early lectures and often rushed to my calculus course wearing the athletic shorts and t-shirt I had slept in the previous night. [ Read More ]

Where Is My Popeyes?

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were on our way to Orlando, FL for a late summer vacation when we had an hour layover in Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport. I was starved, so my doting husband made the executive decision to stop for food in the airport so that I could get … [ Read More ]

Better than Nothing


This bike doesn’t have a lock. But hanging it up in the tree might help. [ Read More ]

How to Fit in the Mind of a First Grader

One day, when I was in first grade, my teacher was leading us in making a chart about tooth loss. [ Read More ]

A Salad Unlike Any Other


My wife and I were having dinner at a fancy Italian restaurant. The waitress took my wife’s order, then went through the usual options for the side dishes. I wish I was paying attention because I could have avoided a rather embarrassing situation. [ Read More ]

Passing Judgement

high school

Did your high school have judges? This one did. And the job of High School Judge had its ups AND its downs. [ Read More ]

Pain in Motion


Initially, when I blurted out to my wife that I was going to join her at the local exercise emporium, I looked around to see if someone was standing behind me who had uttered those dastardly words. [ Read More ]

Coffee and Caffeine: A Duel to the Death


How is your coffee dependency? If it’s a bit of a struggle, this is the story for you. [ Read More ]

What Knot?


I had this huge knot at my office. I can guarantee you it has tons of purpose. It makes a good toy, paperweight, or even a banana stand. [ Read More ]

We Need to Find Your Mom [PODCAST]


Chanelle tells the story of seeing a woman figure out the best way to handle her son in public. This is a tip worth writing down! [ Read More ]

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