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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Farm Discoveries

This kid has never seen a farm before! So naturally she has some questions… [ Read More ]

Mystery Booger

On Friday nights my family and I would go out to a restaurant for dinner.  This particular week had been extremely stressful, and we were all very excited to go out.  We parked in the lot of the restaurant, and my husband and three children piled out of the car, hustling their way to go … [ Read More ]

Over the Top

arm wrestling

I was fifteen when I gave muscle-building a second try. [ Read More ]

The Realist Guide To Holiday Nutrition

Let’s face it. The holidays are coming, and with them come feelings of joy and merriment, nights spent round the fireplace and tables piled so densely with delicious food that they seem to have their own gravitational pull. [ Read More ]

Shoes Off, Please


When my wife developed a foot problem, her doctor told her she would have to wear wide, flat shoes. Soon after, as we were dressing to attend an important cocktail party, she studied her reflection in the full length mirror. [ Read More ]

Helium Helper


The janitor in my workplace always takes Mr. Helium to help him clean the place. [ Read More ]

The Ghosts


As kids, we all had bands, teams, and clubs with fun names. But The Ghosts, they were everything. Air band, kickball team, and general group of youngsters. [ Read More ]

Dad Killed A Raisin! [PODCAST]


Randi remembers those family car rides in their un-airconditioned car… especially the time she threw a raisin at her dad. [ Read More ]

Totally EmBEARassing [VIDEO]


Having bad eyesight can be embarrassing.  So this video is really about why you should visit your optometrist more often. (To read about Justin, click here) [ Read More ]

Lions, Tigers, and Government Workers, Oh My!


If the government shuts down, who will feed the animals? [ Read More ]

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