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Smiles For All

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Mistaken Identity


I was a novice security guard, having only been on the job about a couple of weeks. As a novice, I thought my bosses wouldn’t send women out to dark and frightening places. I was wrong. [ Read More ]

The Caped Crusader


Jerry and his wife encounter a bat in their home. They manage to take care of it but little do they know that their time with the bat is far from over. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday*: “If You’re Cooler Than Me…Does That Mean I Am Hotter Than You?”

J Lo

Today on Q&A Tuesday, we will try to make headway on Will’s extremely challenging question.  Will asks: [ Read More ]

Fun with the Paper Shredder

paper shredder

My daughter loves playing with our paper shredder. She would ask for a scrap paper over and over again until she gets one. [ Read More ]

Chance Encounters, City Living


Katie struggles to find a cab in New York City. Once she finds one, her talk with the driver opens up her perspective to life in the city. [ Read More ]

O-Man Junior Plays Soccer [PODCAST]


Will tells the touching story of his childhood friend, Ollie, going from bench-warmer to MVP during a game of soccer. [ Read More ]

TUG, NYC’s Skateboarding Bull Dog is a Stud*

August 9, 2014, Dear Secret Diary, Diary on the wall, is TUG the dog the studliest of them all? [ Read More ]

Slaughterhouse Five Train [VIDEO]


Adaeze Elechi shares this encounter at Smiles For All’s first Story Night; an F Train tale that involves an otherworldly moment with a Kurt Vonnegut classic, a fellow subway rider, and a bookmark.  And so it goes… [ Read More ]

“Dad, I Painted the Porch”


I woke up late on a Sunday morning. While having my breakfast, my daughter mumbled “Dad, I painted your name on the Porch” and I replied “Okay”. [ Read More ]

Cheering for the Demise of Baldy

Star Trek

Robert was a die-hard Star Trek fan, and to admit the truth, so am I. If you’ve ever been to our condo and entered the “stereo room”, you’d see the walls covered with Star Trek movie posters and autographed pictures of Star Trek scenes. [ Read More ]