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Smiles For All

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Say No to Rugs

Spotted at the wall of a floor-tile store: “Just say no to rugs.” [ Read More ]

Watch: My Favorite Funny True Story [Video]

My favorite funny true story video is by Andy Borowitz at a Moth story-telling event.* [ Read More ]

Fun at the Car Wash

car wash

November 15, 2014– Dear Secret Diary, today, I recall the occasion when I met a super playful guy at a car wash. Our interaction was brief, but oh was it fun.  As I was walking by the car wash, I saw the gentleman in question washing a very nice Mercedes. Me: Excuse me, do you … [ Read More ]

The Case of the Flat Head Screwdriver


My dad was putting together a new piece of Ikea patio furniture and asked my sister to go into the basement and grab him a flat head screwdriver. [ Read More ]

Beyoncé Shows Up To Friendsgiving Empty-Handed (In Four Acts)


You just know Beyoncé would never bring a dish to a potluck. [ Read More ]

Q&A Tuesday: Would You Rather Have a Human Body and a Dog Head, or a Dog Body and a Human Head?


Today on Q&A Tuesday, Julio120 asks:  [ Read More ]

An Honest Mistake


One Saturday I went to the supermarket to get food for Sunday dinner. When I got home, I noticed I had only been charged $1.48 for the ham instead of $14.80. [ Read More ]

The Realist Guide To Holiday Nutrition

Let’s face it. The holidays are coming, and with them come feelings of joy and merriment, nights spent round the fireplace and tables piled so densely with delicious food that they seem to have their own gravitational pull. [ Read More ]

Two Dollar Bills [PODCAST]

two dollar bills

Shelley tells some funny stories about her extended family, including her many cousins names and the consequences of holding onto two dollar bills! [ Read More ]

Baby’s Got A Brand New ‘Do


A few years ago, I was a nanny for just about the cutest little girl in the world. This child has spunk. She is sassy and stubborn and deliciously full of sweetness AND spice (and the ‘and’ is the oh so very important part). [ Read More ]