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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

Car Dirt Art


When I was in Michigan, US of A, I came across this car parked next to me. It wasn’t exactly clean but it’s beautiful! [ Read More ]

Nathen and the Bicycles

While working one day at my home office I heard a commotion outside. I decided to open the front door and see what was going on. My three grandchildren were visiting and were outside playing. [ Read More ]

The Caped Crusader


Jerry and his wife encounter a bat in their home. They manage to take care of it but little do they know that their time with the bat is far from over. [ Read More ]

Computer As You


I found this sign guarding the computer room at a hostel in Rio de Janiero. [ Read More ]

MeLisa and Ryun: Our Homegrown TV Trailer About Our Life [VIDEO]

MeLisa and Ryun are two parents with a less-than-normal life.  They chose to adopt 6 kids. The first 3 were adopted ten years ago and the most recent set of three siblings… well that was about a year ago. They have a huge heart to spread humor, the message of adoption, and the power of positivity. [ Read More ]

Beware of Alien Abduction


This photo somewhere in a Park Hotel in Italy (Johanna Park Hotel to be exact) warning pedestrians of UFO’s potentially abducting them. Watch out for an alien! [ Read More ]

Church Mascot


Our church has this built-in mascot which I find really cute. You need to find the right angle though. [ Read More ]

Fun At The Dentist Office


I arrive in the dental clinic waiting room at 7:30 a.m. and start filling out paperwork. I’ve chosen the early hour appointment so that, in the event of needles or drilling, I’ll be as tired and confused as possible. [ Read More ]

Easy Commute

A first day on the job is always an adventure, I suppose. But the commute? Surely that should be the easiest, most routine part. Not for this guy. A few years back, I had just accepted a job with a company that was located right in the middle of downtown Des Moines. [ Read More ]

What Were They Thinking?!


We snapped this photograph when our son was a 4 month old baby. [ Read More ]

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