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There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. [ Read More ]

How Big is That Golf Ball?


This photo was taken at a company outing. We tried playing golf with the largest golf ball ever! [ Read More ]

Please Pass The Soda!


On a weekend trip to visit my brother, we were invited to attend a 15th birthday party at his friend’s house. My son (age 14) was thirsty, so I told him to get some lemonade from the table set up for drinks. When he came back, he complained of it tasting like grapefruit… [ Read More ]

Attention Shoppers


I used to work at a department store. Every night, at closing time, our customer-service representative would remind shoppers to finish their shopping, over the public-address system. [ Read More ]

Sock War


Every guy dreams of building a man-cave in his basement, compete with a bar, game room, and big-screen TV. During remodeling, visions of football parties and poker games fill your head in anticipation. But when you have two boys, the man-cave soon turns into a fun-house for kids. [ Read More ]

God’s Love in a Rainbow


On a beautiful day, we as a family decided to drive down the freeway to one of our favorite burger joint in the next town. [ Read More ]

Oops, Wrong Button


I was in flight when we hit a patch of very rough air just after a young teenager, obviously on her first flight, had entered the bathroom. [ Read More ]

Gravity In A Nutshell


Phil delivers another cartoon that really shows us what this whole gravity thing is all about. [ Read More ]

Let the Lego Go


Hole? What hole? Lego? Yes, it does everything. [ Read More ]



When I walked in for my ear doctor’s appointment to get my ears cleaned, I had to fill out two sheets of information and I had fun joshing the three gals about this. [ Read More ]

A Parliamentary Prank [VIDEO]

Justin entertains Smiles For All’s first Story Night with a tale of pulling a fast one in the notoriously “deliberate” world of Model U.N. [ Read More ]

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