Packin' PhotoIn college, I took an amazing 10 day trip to Peru and hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. All I took with me was a big camping backpack, hiking shoes, and a camera.

After the hike, I stayed in Cusco for a few days before going back home. I thought it only necessary to pick up some souvenirs at a nearby market for my family. I tried to get small things that could fit in my backpack, but in the end had to sacrifice some clothes in order to make everything fit. This is why I am such a great daughter/sister (wink, wink).

I couldn’t pass up this awesome Tiki man statue that I knew my older brother would love. It was hand carved, hand-painted, and had a nice solid weight. I couldn’t wait to bring it home!

Flying back was a headache, as always, as I had things taken away from me at every airport I stopped at– my chapstick, nail clippers, shampoo, sunscreen, bug spray, water purifying packets (all under 3 oz., mind you), you name it. It was frustrating, but I was grateful that those things had at least made it TO Machu Picchu, so I didn’t complain.

I arrived back home, liquid-free, and immediately took out all the souvenirs I wrapped in my remaining clothes, hoping and praying that nothing broke. I was heart-broken to see the head of the beautiful wood statue slightly apart from it’s body! No! How could it be?!? I tried to be so careful.

I picked up the statue to find that it wasn’t broken… nor was it a statue at all. This funky, wooden Tiki man’s head was actually a funky, wooden handle to a 5” sharpened KNIFE, that slipped in the body of the man and served as a holder! I couldn’t believe it. And to think, my chapstick posed a threat!

When I gave the knife to my brother, I told him the story, and established myself as not only the best daughter/sister in my family, but also the most bad ass.


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