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About Smiles For All


Welcome to Smiles For All and www.SmilesForAll.com.

Hopefully you are here by choice or accident but not under duress.

Smiles For All is inspired by a wonderful man, Alan.  Our mission is to do what Alan did: spread smiles and laughter (Milkshake Moments), one person at a time, through upbeat funny true stories and playfulness.

Please think of this site as a “Good News” Humor Site– a permanent collection of multi-media, non-fiction, funny stories, podcasts and videos of what playful people of all ages have done (or might do) to create laughter… people, like the playful fiance who arranged for the plaque on the park bench pictured below(PLEASE NOTE: EACH TIME YOU VISIT THE SITE OR REFRESH THE HOME PAGE, RANDOM SELECTIONS FROM OUR COLLECTION WILL APPEAR.)

park bench

The people involved in each story may have been having an awesome day, a really tough one, or somewhere in between.  Whatever the case, these stories highlight humorous and often surprising interactions that– even if just for a moment—bettered the course of the day for those involved.

Hopefully, you’ll experience www.SmilesForAll.com as an Internet oasis for you to let loose, have fun, and laugh… a digital destination where kindness and inclusiveness rule.

Love and Cheers,


The Big Milkshake
Founder of www.SmilesForAll.com
Director, Dessert and Milkshakes

PS.  In January of 2016, we stopped accepted new contributions to our library.  You can click here to read a copy of the letter I wrote making this announcement and expressing my appreciation for the entire Smiles For All community.